How to Take A Sexy Snapchat

sexy snaps

It’s no secret that these days, not only are selfies on social media an absolute necessity, but sexy selfies are. Obviously, everyone knows how to master a sexy Facebook and Instagram photo, but what about Snapchat? Snapchat is a bit more tricky. There’s filters, videos, and you have the option to post it for everyone to see, or just the private people you choose. Today we’re going to teach you all how to master a sexy Snapchat.

1. Be more shameless.

The awesome thing about sexy Snapchats, when compared to other picture-sharing apps, is the fact that really anything goes. On Instagram and Facebook, your picture is up forever unless you go out of your way to delete it. This means there’s plenty of time for people to size up your picture and critique it. Not only that but your pics you've posted on Facebook and Instagram are validated by the amount of likes you get. But with Snapchat, your sexy pic is only seen for 1-10 seconds. There’s no such thing as “liking” a Snapchat, so you don’t need to worry about people judging your pic by the amount of likes you get. So get weird with it!

2. You don’t have to be naked.

Some people get super turned off by the idea of taking sexy Snapchats. This is mainly because they automatically think they have to get naked, but you can be sexy without being naked! (If you want to get naked, that is totally fine too- we’re certainly not complaining.) So how can you take sexy Snapchats without being completely nude? It’s all in the facials, baby! Duck face is actually encouraged on Snapchat, whereas it’s kind of shamed on Instagram. Take selfies when you’re all done up for the night, do a cute duck face, or another seductive expression. You should also utilize your full length mirrors- take pictures of yourself in your mirror with your fly outfit to show people how good you’re looking tonight. But, you don’t always have to be done up to take a good sexy snapchat. You very well could be chillin' in your bed or on your couch in a big T-Shirt! But you should probably make sure you’re wearing cute PJs if you’re going to send a sexy pic in your bed. Which leads me to my next point…

3. Your caption choice is key.

Sure, obviously your picture is the bread of a sexy Snapchat, but the caption is the butter. Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect caption to accompany your sexy pic- it could make the picture! For example, if you take a sexy selfie of just your face when you’re about to head out for the night, send it to your crush with the caption “Hopin’ to see ya tonight!” . You can even add a winky face if you want to. If you’re just chilling on the couch or in your bed in cute PJs, send your crush a cute pic of you with the caption “Netflix and chill?” Guaranteed they will take the bait.

4. Seize all of your best opportunities.

The main tool that’s going to help you take the sexiest Snapchats is taking advantages of the opportunities you’re already in! Going on a hike, going to tan at the pool, or just going out for the night- it's a perfect time to take sexy Snapchats. And obviously, the peak time to send a sexy Snapchat and get the deed done is late night on the weekends.