Sexy Snaps Gone Wrong - [Official 2016 List]

sexy snaps gone wrong

When you’re sexting with someone, usually both people understand that no matter the content of the messages, it stays between both people. Just like regular sex, sexting is private and not meant to be shared with anyone other than those involved.

We can’t be perfect all the time, though, and sometimes we mess up, whether we don’t delete a compromising image or message, or we send a sext to the wrong person. Maybe you got hacked, or were betrayed by someone you thought you could trust.

When it comes to sexting, you need to be super careful; if anything gets leaked, your reputation, your career, your relationships, and your life in general can fall apart. Just take it from these 5 people who learned the hard way that sexting can hit you right in the nuts if you’re not careful.

1 Justin Timberlake

Whether you love him or mix him up with the Back Street Boys, Justin Timberlake is a talented dude. He’s successful with the ladies, and back in 2011 rumors were going around that he and Mila Kunis were together, after they made the movie “Friends with Benefits” together.

That year Mila’s phone was hacked, and some photos of a guy who very well could have been Justin were leaked to the public. One pic was of him with some panties on his head in a joking manner, which makes it clear that yes, it was Timberlake in the photos.

Another photo was of a penis, further ensuring that Justin Timberlake is a male and not an alien from an alternate universe. Of course he and Kunis denied the dick pic was a pic of his dick, but I think we all know the truth here.

You can pic your dick, you can pic your friends, but you can’t pic your friend’s dick…unless you’re Mila Kunis and you’ve been hooking up with Justin Timberlake on and offscreen. Justin got off easy here, and seemed to take zero damage to his reputation, unlike like the time when he wore an all-jean outfit; that’s inexcusable.

2 Prince Harry

As a member of England’s royal family, you’d think that this guy would have everything under control; I mean, his brother William does, so why not ol’ H? Well, kids, Harry likes to party.

Harry likes to party a lot, and when you’re a prince, you have plenty of time to do just that. In the summer of 2012, Harry went to Las Vegas to work on his diplomacy- no, he went to get TURNT.

I’m going to assume that after many, many shots were taken, bottles were emptied, and maybe drugs were on the premises- hey, it is Vegas, after all.

During this massive rager, someone whipped out their phone and took a pic of the prince, who by now had taken his clothes off and whipped out something of his own- his penis. A woman is also in the photo, standing behind Harry and looking like she’d forgotten to put on her clothes that day.

Being a member of the royal family, Harry’s crazy night caused quite a ruckus, and to right the ship he issued possibly the worst apology of all time, “[I] probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down.”

Smashing job, Harry! Brilliant!


3 Tony Parker

Quick question: if you were married to Eva Longoria, would you cheat on her? Didn’t think so.

Tony Parker did, despite how stupid that may be. Clearly, “thoughts” don’t really come up in that empty skull of his.

For those unfamiliar, Tony Parker is a small, French, NBA player and Eva Longoria is a talented, beautiful actress. These two were married to each other until in 2010 when Eva happened to see Tony’s phone with sexts to another woman… oops.

The woman in question actually turned out to be a 19 year old girl from Brighton, England, a crappy southeastern port town, and this is when we all realized how stupid Tony Parker really is.

Dude, you’re married to Eva Longoria, and you decide it’s a good idea to sext with some teenage girl from Brighton? Quick side note: the chick actually didn’t even want any part of it; he happened to see her at an event in London and kept bugging her, only for her to shrug him off, and clearly, he kept pursuing her.

So, you’re married to a beautiful woman, have a great job, and risk it all for some 19 year old who wants nothing to do with you? You’re pathetic.

In the end, Eva Longoria won, as she’s still smokin’ hot and makes racks all day long. Hashtag winning.

4 Ashley Cole

Speaking of athletes and there wives, we have another case of when sexy snaps go wrong, as when aging footballer (or soccer player, as we Americans refer to it) Ashely Cole got caught in a sexting scandal with a model who definitely wasn’t his wife.

During a stay at a hotel while on England international team duty, Cole sent a few pics, along with a series of sexts, to a model by the name of Sonia Wild. She then sent a few pics and messages back, and before long they were sexting.

Not a smart move, Ashely, as you were married to a different woman at the time (this all occurred back in 2010). For real though, what’s wrong with sexting your wife??

When you cheat, it’s only a matter of time before you’re caught.

Ashley got caught.

Once he got caught, his excuse was that he’d handed the phone to a teammate, who’d given it to someone else, who had then sent the photos and did all of the sexting. So you’re saying that a teammate wanted to use your phone to sext some model, rather than use his own phone?

Sure, Ashley. The divorce papers and legal billings speak for how well that went.

5 Kanye West

Man, 2010 was the year of the sexting scandal, and even Kanye got into the mix. Around the time his album “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” dropped, it was revealed that a few women were shopping around some dick pics Kanye had snapped of himself and sent to these unnamed women.

Kanye actually mentions this in the song “Runaway” off of the album, but not much more is known about the story other than the few bars and what came up in the media, which is a whole lot of nothing. Whether or not he quietly settled with the women is unknown, but either way the pictures were never made public, so Kanye must have done something to clear everything up.

My guess? He promised them he’d produce their mixtape and backed out once they gave the dick pics back.

Kanye got off easy, as he wasn't married or in a relationship- he just got caught unsuccessfully trying to get some. It could’ve been worse, like the year before when he interrupted the 2009 VMA’s; that was bad.

So, best way to come back after a sexting scandal? Drop a fire album.