The 5 Best Ways to Meet Snapchat Users

meet snapchat users

I was on Snapchat the other day, and was looking at my Story feed, and you know what? It sucked.

Sure, some users I follow hadn’t posted anything by that time, but the posts I saw were just lame and not worth discussing. I needed some originality and creativity in my feed, and no one I followed was providing that on a consistent basis.

Frankly, I needed to meet new Snapchat users, but how can I when there isn’t a way to find users easily on Snapchat? Well, you need to get creative in order to meet some new people.

One option is to share your Snapchat username with your followers on Instagram. The only unfortunate thing is that people who you’d rather not have follow you can follow you.

If you want to have a bunch of new Snapchat friends but want to avoid all the creepers that you can, make your Instagram private and block people you’d rather not have in your Snapchat circle. Snapchat is a bit more personal than Instagram, and you might feel uncomfortable sharing snaps with people you just kind of know on Insta, so just beware when you share your username with your Instagram followers.

To help give your followers an incentive to add you, share a selfie or video you took on Snapchat. You’ve told them to add you, but give them a reason why . If you have a ton of followers on Instagram and would rather not share your Snapchat username with some randoms, take a screenshot of the QR code in your Snapchat and share it with Facebook friends (who actually could be a bunch of randoms as well). The QR code is an easy way for users to add each other, and by taking a screenshot of your code and uploading it to Facebook, your friends can hold their phones up in front of their laptop screens and follow you just like that!

In case you don’t have Facebook or your friends on there are even worse than your Instagram followers, you can add people on Snapchat who are in your contacts on your phone. Each contact will have an option of adding them if they are on Snapchat already, or you can send them an invite to download Snapchat.

Recruit your Twitter followers as well, if you’re brave enough. Most of us follow just some random people that we don’t even know, so you could be adding some wild, crazy people on Snapchat.

Honestly, if you get your Twitter followers to add you on Snapchat, your feed will definitely… change. With a very mixed bag of characters, your Story feed is going to get a needed dose of variety, which can either be really awesome or really weird.

Think about it for a moment; Twitter can get pretty turnt and crazy, so why wouldn’t your Snapchat feed become something like that? You might even find yourself becoming legit friends with some of them, so give it a shot.

Yik Yak is another option you can try out as well; it seems like every day people are trying to meet up and ask for each other’s Snapchat names so they can set up some correspondence.

Since the Yak is anonymous, you never know what you’re gonna get, so it might be advisable to create another account in case the person is a total creep.

For the most part, though, Yakkers are pretty chill and just want to meet new people; they’re all college students, so you could actually make a lot of new friends just by adding one person on Snapchat. Gain one friend, and you potentially can become friends with everyone else in that person’s social circle, so give it a try!

Snapchat doesn’t make it very easy to find new users to follow on Snapchat; you either have to just punch in some random name and hope someone uses it, or you have to know someone’s username beforehand. If your feed isn’t up to par or you just want to connect with someone new, you’ll have to go through some of the procedures mentioned above.

I’m sure you found that the more people you followed on social media, the better your experience became; your feed became more original, creative, funny, and intriguing, and you started to post a bit more often because of that change. Facebook isn’t fun when you have only a handful of friends, and you sure as hell can say the same about Instagram.

Find yourself becoming bored with your Snapchat feed? Spice it up a bit and add some new people, whether they’re celebrities, acquaintances, or someone you want to reconnect with; you’ll discover that Snapchat is fun again, and maybe you’ll be inspired by the snaps and videos you see, enhancing the experience of those who follow you as well.

Don’t be afraid of change, you guys; you never know what it will lead to.