Celebrities on Snapchat Who Act Just Like Our Friends

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You know how each of your friends have a certain characteristic that identifies them, like whether they’re the listener, or the party animal, or the wise guy, things of that nature? Well, turns out, your friends, specifically your Snapchat friends, can be I.D.’d in a similar way: each of them acts just like some celebrity Snapchat accounts, like your stoner lady friend who loves to party- that’s Miley Cyrus on Snapchat.

Not all of your Snapchat friends run their accounts like celebrities do on Snapchat, of course, but there may be some similarities that’ll surprise you; here are some celebrities on Snapchat who, if you gave them a follow, would remind you of your friends.

The Swagged Out Party Boy / Waka Flocka

Username wakaflockaveli, Waka’s awesome personality and life translate well to Snapchat. Despite being an impossibly busy guy, he somehow finds the time in his day to give us all a glimpse at his life, and it’s dope!

He’s not always in turn up mode, but Waka enjoys his life and it shows with every post; he’s always energetic and having a good time with his family or with his squad. Just like that kid who loves to smoke weed, listen to rap, and party, Waka brings a certain flavor to your Stories that, despite appearing over the top at times, is usually worth the watch.

The Intriguing Stoner Chick / Miley Cyrus

We all know some stoner chick who’s got an aura about her that you can’t quite put a finger on, but if you follow Miley on Snapchat (@mileycyrus), you’ll find many similarities. Even if you’re not a Miley fan, give her a follow.

Her creative juices always seem to be flowing, and she brings that to her snaps often, drawing whatever comes to mind onto her snaps; sounds familiar, right? She also really enjoys weed, so she’s got the stoner chick thing goin’ as well.

Her snaps give curious fans in insight on her daily life, and Miley’s everyday moments are way better than any of ours; follow her if you feel like adding a wild card to your Stories timeline.

Startup Guy / Bobby Kim

@ BobbyHundreds, this account is run by Bobby Kim, co-founder of apparel company The Hundreds (if you’ve seen kids wear hats or t-shirts with a round bomb guy on them, that’s The Hundreds). If you have any entrepreneur friends on Snapchat, that’s Bobby.

While he used to post Stories pretty often, Bobby posts less often now, but when he does, you get an amazing insight into some aspects of his sweet life and the business he runs. Whether he’s showing off exclusive products or sharing wise words that only a CEO can share, Bobby’s Snapchat account is worth a follow.

The life of a CEO is awesome, and that startup guy you know is potentially headed down that road; I’d keep following them if I were you, just in case. Entrepreneurs are inspired people who inspire those around them, and it will definitely become a positive experience for you if you add Bobby Hundreds on Snapchat.

Selfie Girl / Kylie Jenner

Everyone follows at least one girl on Snapchat who can be dubbed “Selfie Girl”, and these ladies might as well be called Kylie Jenner, who’s main hobby it seems is taking selfies.

While very pretty, it seems all they do is take selfies or even selfie videos, but every day you find yourself coming back for more.

Add Kylie on Snapchat, @KylizzleMyNizzl and watch her selfie-laden Stories each day as she tackles difficult subjects like finger nail colors and having to drive foreign cars.

Douche Rich Kid You Hate But Follow Anyway / Justin Bieber

We’re all a little jealous of the rich kid, but hate him for what he is, too. We just want that rich kid’s life, and hate that he gets to have it, smug bastard.

Justin Bieber is that kid.

You gotta admit, the guy lives a pretty sweet life; he’s got bottomless pockets, girls want him, and he’s very talented, despite what you may think.

The rich kid loves to flaunt his lifestyle in our faces, and Snapchat is a great medium to do it; the snaps expire, just giving us a little taste, but we can’t have any more. Justin Bieber does this, but in a less douchey way- he’s celebrating his life when that rich kid you hate, probably named Geoffrey, only posts his lifestyle to make it clear that you don’t live his life.

Justin has an extravagant life, but he’s including you in it, and wants to share it in a nice way; love him or hate him, the Biebs has a Snapchat that you should follow if you want to see how people live the high life.

A lot of our friends on Snapchat remind us of some celebrities, and vice versa. Luckily for us, we get to compare the two directly on Snapchat, since everyone has an account these days; which celebrities act just like the people you know?