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Featured Blog Post: Snap Sex has Completely Replaced Phone Sex

You guys, brace yourselves; phone sex is done. Over.

It used to be cool to have phone sex, but those days are long gone, and fortunately so; no needs to hear heavy breathing and sighs of euphoria over the phone. I mean, how do you even end the call?

People are realizing that phone sex sucks for a few reasons: it’s kinda awkward and weird (I mean, think about it for a second), and there’s no visuals. If you ask me, that’s not a recipe for a good time.

With phone sex, all you get is your partner’s voice and your imagination has to do the rest, which is a bit cumbersome for a situation such as this; phone sex needs a total revamp.

Fortunately, someone was already solving this problem a few years ago, and the solution materialized itself in Snapchat.

You see, Snapchat kick’s phone sex’s ass all day every day. It’s an incredibly simple app that provides a lot more value than phone sex ever could.

Snapchat allows users to communicate via photos (“snaps” as they’re called in-app) or messages that disappear forever after they’ve been viewed once by the receiver. Snapchat got it’s start when a college student asked his friend if he could make an app that would let users sext without leaving a paper trail, and here we find ourselves today.

Snapchat is the premier sexting app, although it’s not supposed to be a sexting app; it’s an app for people to “communicate” in a virtual medium, but we all know what it’s really meant to do. Before we know it, Snapchat is going to replace phone sex entirely.

100 million people use Snapchat every day, and that number is growing steadily, so expect more and more Snapchat users as things move along. Of all Snapchat users, 70% are millennials, and 77% of college students check their Snapchat feeds every day.

What do those numbers mean? Well, let me put it this way; there’s a ton of people in this world (pretty much everyone) who like sex, and there’s a ton of people in this world who use Snapchat.

Everyone likes to get down and dirty, and if everyone had a Snapchat account, phone sex would basically be nonexistent.

Phone sex, unlike snap sex, takes a good deal of effort and time to complete. You gotta both be ready at the same time and need to be in the right setting for it; with snap sex, you can just take sexy snaps whenever it’s convenient for you.

You can be at work, coming in and out of meetings, get a sex snap from your partner, and rather than having to hang up on their phone call with everyone glaring at you, you can take your time responding; no need to rush out of the meeting in the middle of your boss’s presentation. Now, you can’t do that with phone sex.

No one has time for anything these days, especially for phone sex; that’s just too time consuming (as well as an unappealing exercise). Instead, just head over to the bathroom, pull an article of clothing up or down, and take a snap.

Here’s another reason why snap sex is light years beyond phone sex: you can send photos and videos. Phone sex requires a lot of mental work, but no matter how brilliant you may be, you’ll never be able to send images or video telepathically (even though that’d be freakin’ sweet).

No one needs phone sex anymore, just like no one needs dial-up; we have Snapchat, and we have wifi. Problem solved.

It doesn’t make sense to engage in phone sex today when we can video chat, we can send self-destructing selfies, and the internet is chalk full of porn. The internet is basically porn.

Honestly, who needs phone sex in today’s world? There are too many other options that are better in every single way.

Snapchat is simply too easy to not use for sexting; I mean, come on, the app was made specifically for sexting. Phone sex, just like regular phone calls, are out the window, and a new form of communication is in.

This time, though, you get to see them, not just hear them breathe awkwardly.

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